The highest flyers of college basketball got together for the annual dunk contest. While some stuck to dunks that they were comfortable with, others decided to push the limit. Craig Sword from Mississippi State did not take the title but he won the night. Why did he think this was possible? Like most of us, he too saw that humans could fly after witnessing Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon in the NBA dunk contest. However, he forgot just one thing; he’s not them. In order to have pulled this off his shoulder’s would have to be at rim level.

On the other hand University of Mary’s Devan Douglas took home the title with his soaring skills. Douglas appears to take off like Superman and continues to glide until flushing through with authority.

I attempted to exclude Ike Nwamu due to my distaste of UNLV but this is impressive! Remember when Vince Carter stuck his arm in the rim? Well, Nwamu reenacted this with ease.

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