We are in the midst of potentially the greatest regular season in NBA history. The Golden State Warriors are playing basketball at an astronomical level, and are a must see attraction on a nightly basis. The defending NBA champions have seemingly played with the proverbial “chip on their shoulder ” in their title defense  while on their quest to repeat. The chatter and whispers of them over-achieving, or catching lucky breaks during their 2014-15 are becoming quieter .

Thus far , they are on pace to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls regular season 72-win mark. Recent Las Vegas odds have the Warriors in favor to break the record. The reigning MVP Steph Curry is scorching the league.  He is also on pace to set his own regular season records respectively . His player efficiency (basketball-reference.com) of 32.2, is on pace to break Wilt Chamberlain’s 31.8 season . He has made 266 3-point field goals through 56 games , on pace to shatter his current record of 286 set in the 2014-15 season . Curry is surely making his case to solidify his place as the greatest shooter in NBA history . Steph’s stellar play has been accompanied by overall superb team play . The Warriors play free flowing , ball movement basketball that regularly ends with uncontested jumpers , or high percentage finishes at the basket.  Amigos Draymond Green and Klay Thompson help to form Golden State’s “Big Three”. Green currently leads the league in triple doubles with 11, and is seemingly the glue that holds the team together being versatile in all aspects of the game . Thompson , the second half of the Splash Brothers duo , has had his share of greatness. The dead eye shooter and two-way defender has a 27 point quarter of his own this year , not to be outdone by his back court running mate Curry. He often draws a tough defensive assignment on the perimeter . They also boast one of the leagues best bench units , led by Finals MVP and USA Olympic gold medalist Andre Iguodala who is a consummate professional.


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With The recent success of the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors , one cannot help but to formulate questions . Could THESE Warriors potentially end up being the greatest team in NBA history ? Their particular style of basketball, a mix of rapid pace and a heavy volume of 3-pointers are leaving opponents befuddled . Their roster depth , and ability to have flexibility within their lineups from game to game is a problem for whoever is scheduled . They posses the athleticism , size , and spunk that has led them to blow outs of the NBA’s top teams. They have maybe the greatest home court advantage out in the Bay Area at Oracle arena , where they have won 47 straight games dating back to last season and regularly sell out . Even the great Gregg Popovich has paid respect to their current run of excellence , which could have been conceived  by some as the “white flag ” as the season concludes .

If the Warriors continue to hang-ten on this epic wave of momentum that has been captivating to all, they may go down as one of the greatest if not THE greatest team in NBA history . Now , of course the season remains to be finished as there is a lot of basketball left to play . Falling short of the NBA title, and back to back championships will deem the season a failure by current standards . I also take into account the style of play in the NBA now ,compared to the rugged play of the 90’s. That’s is a totally valid and credible argument , but times have changed. People must adapt regardless of circumstances or rule changes.  The Warriors have redefined basketball as we know it. If this team can maintain their high level success , then the debate and comparisons will open up against the all-time great NBA teams . How would these Warriors match up against the 95-96 Bulls ? The Kobe & Shaq Lakers dynasty ? The proclaimed Miami “Heatles” with Lebron, Wade & Bosh? One thing is for certain , this team has taken a hold of the culture. They garner the attention of people from all ages , and will have NBA fans including myself tuned in to see how it all ends.

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