Alabama Football players, Cam Robinson and Hootie Johnson were arrested Tuesday morning in West Monroe, La on posession of drugs and weapons charges. Both were taken into custody by Monroe police around 3:45 this morning. Robinson was charged with felony possession of a stolen firearm, (good luck asking Saban to honor your scholarship after that charge).

The two were found with a bag of marijuana and two handguns, one of which was allegedly stolen, the initial report said. Both were charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and illegally carrying a weapon.



An unfortunate event, but all too common with college football players these days. It’s s great way to get your name front and center for all to see, but for all the wrong reasons. Robinson is one of the top Offensive lineman in the country and is expected to be a high round draft pick come next spring if he declares for the draft early, (assuming he’s not in jail). Jones is/was a reserve defensive back who appeared in Nine games last season with only two tackles.

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