Onewheel is a revolutionary electric skateboard concept making waves in boarding sports. The concept was developed by the private company Future Motion Inc, based in Santa Cruz, CA.

Onewheel redefines skateboarding with its off-terrain capabilities . Riders can opt to normally cruise the paved sidewalks or step outside the box and try alternative dirt or gravel landscapes, creating for unique challenges and opportunities.  Playboy magazine has defined the product as , “a burly machine designed to go into the world.” Exploration is encouraged, highlighted by the boards ‘ maneuvering and balancing functionality, thanks to the single wheel technology along with self-balancing mechanisms  to match it’s rechargeable state-of-the-art lithium iron battery.



Onewheel chick

With the recent trends of hover boards sweeping the nation , it’s only a matter of time before technological advancements like the Onewheel become more prevalent. Visit the Onewheel site for purchasing and additional information.