Let’s take a second to pay homage to one of the all time greatest athletes and NBA players of our generation. Kobe Bryant is in the within the later stages of his final season, one that has not been up to traditional standards of the future Hall of Fame inductee. Nonetheless,  fans and players alike have voiced their fondest and most extraordinary memories from Kobe’s historic career. The 20 year veteran, straight out of Lower Merion High School has a long list of achievements ranging from : 5x NBA champion, 18x All-Star, 12x All-Defensive Team, 15x All-NBA Team, 4x NBA All-Star MVP, Slam Dunk Champion, and last but not least NBA regular season and finals MVP.

It hasn’t exactly been a fairy tale story. There has been controversies and distractions in various forms. Nothing great ever comes easy. Things may have changed in his life or personal relationships, but the strive for greatness remained constant . Playing under the bright lights of Los Angeles, off-court allegations, and historically epic teammate feuds. Kobe Bryant has been a staple not only in the NBA, but society and earth as we know it. The Black Mamba has been a house hold name on just about every continent, and revered for the influence he has had on the culture. You would be lying to yourself if you claimed that you have never shot a paper ball into the trash and yelled, “KOBE!”. Fans of the popular NBA 2k basketball series can vouch for his video game-like skill and feats. Bryant’s persona, sneakers, style of play have been iconic to say the least.


Kobe posterizing Dwight Howard

When remembering Mr. Bryant, I ask you to set egos and controversies aside. Remember Kobe for his on court play, and competitive nature. Remember the man that turned the world upside down when he scored 81 points in a regulation game. Remember the man who set the bar for the NBA, post Michael Jordan era. Remember the player who influenced the next generation of kids and players after him to strive for greatness in whatever aspect of life they pursued.

The culture drips….


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