“Prisoners of the moment”. It seems to be the go to insult now-a-days when basketball fans start arguing about topics that they’re passionate about. In this microwave society it is easy for a topic to come and go within the day. Twitter will blow up for a few hours and then be forgotten when the next thing comes along. One moment it looks like the Warriors have been exposed by the Thunder and then the next moment the Warriors are the greatest team of all time. Steph Curry looks overrated on Friday and then becomes a savage on Monday. LeBron doesn’t have what it takes in game 2, fast forward to game 7 and he has become a legend. Why are fans so volatile? Why can’t fans be less like water and more like syrup? Well basketball fans; I do not blame you. Steph Curry was also a prisoner of the moment in game 6 when he decided to target the Cavs minority owner with his mouth guard. This era of basketball is the greatest to date and it is extremely difficult to side with one player or team in the NBA. We have seen things that have never been done before; both athletically and statistically.

With a record of 73-9, the Warriors have surpassed the 98 Bulls for the best single season record of all time. During their historic run, other records we also shattered in the making. The Warriors are also the only team to not suffer consecutive losses during the season. Steph Curry set the new NBA record for most threes in a season with 402 long balls crushing the previous record of 298(also set by Steph Curry) all while chewing on his mouth guard. Steph wasn’t the only one putting them up as the team made a total of 1,077 on 42% shooting. You guessed it; this was another NBA record. The list can go on and on and this is only one team.

The Warriors are not the only team or payers who have found success during the 2015-16 season. 73 triple-doubles were posted this season which was 5 short of the single season NBA record set in 1984. It is not enough to look at the stats without adjusting for the change of pace. Therefore, we can take a look at the adjusted stats based on 100 possessions.

D. Green 2016 GSW 99.6 19.2 13.3 10.4
R. Westbrook 2016 OKC 96.8 34.0 11.3 14.9
R. Westbrook 2015 OKC 95.7 41.1 10.6 12.5
L. James 2013 MIA 90.7 37.5 11.2 10.1
L. James 2009 CLE 88.7 40.8 10.9 10.4
J. Kidd 2008 NJN 91.5 16.0 11.4 14.7
J. Kidd 2007 NJN 91.4 18.6 11.7 13.2
J. Kidd 2006 NJN 89.8 19.1 10.4 12.1
J. Kidd 2005 NJN 89.1 21.0 10.8 12.1
J. Kidd 2002 NJN 91.8 20.7 10.2 13.8
G. Hill 1997 DET 84.5 30.9 13.0 10.5
D. Walker 1990 WSB 99.4 12.9 12.0 10.9
M. Johnson 1989 LAL 100.1 28.7 10.1 16.4
M. Johnson 1983 LAL 103.8 21.1 10.9 13.2
M. Johnson 1982 LAL 103.1 22.5 11.7 11.6
M. Johnson 1981 LAL 102.7 27.2 10.9 10.8
T. Boerwinkle 1975 CHI 99.7 13.8 15.6 11.1
Players who have averaged a pace-adjusted triple-double

Reference: http://fivethirtyeight.com

When adjusted we can see who is putting up the more impressive numbers. The top part of the board is completely dominated by players of the last ten years. What is even more impressive is the numbers displayed by Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. Not only are these players putting up impressive numbers, they are doing so in a ferocious manner. Take a look at their highlights from those respected seasons below.

Russell Westbrook 2014-15 Season

Russell Westbrook 2015-16 Season Dunks


LeBron James 2014-15 Season


LeBron James 2009-10 Season

With the talent that has been displayed as of late, how could you blame anyone for being a “prisoner of the moment”? There are way too many great players doing great things now and it is extremely difficult not to fall victim to the moment. If anything, it is actually better because fans are getting as much as they can out of it that they can. In a world that moves at a rapidly alarming pace, at least we are enjoying the moment as much as we can. We are simply living in the moment.

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