After being drafted 13th overall by the Miami Dolphins, former Ole Miss Offensive Lineman Laremy Tunsil exposed his former Ole Miss Coaches during the post draft press conference. Although Tunsil claims both his Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked within the last few days, he admitted the text message screenshots are actual messages exchanged between himself and a coach at Ole Miss. It is made aware to every college athlete year in and year out, receiving money from coaches, donors, or outside funds other than scholarships are a huge NCAA violation and teams/players are typically punished heavily by the NCAA when instances like this come to surface. ¬†However, what can the NCAA do to Tunsil now that he’s in the NFL…Nothing! On the other hand, I think a whole new can of worms has been opened and I’d bet my last dollar on the NCAA making a visit to Ole Miss within the next few days for the start of an investigation.





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