Ken Block, former co-founder of DC Shoes has been known in the action sports world for his stunts on skateboards, snowboards, and even on a dirtbike. Block has shifted his focus into the racing world and is now the owner of Hoonigan apparel, a racing brand for motor enthusiasts.

Nascar? Indy Cars? F1 you ask? Not so much. Block has made a big name for himself and has become a branding genius on the Rally Car racing circuit here in the states. Some popularity has been built with him racing cars on the track but now a days he may be known by most for driving his Ford Fiesta rally car in his famed Youtube series “Gymkhana”. Ken Block has laid down some rubber from cities all over the world in the Gymkhana videos. ¬†Whether he’s racing over the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, or shredding the streets in downtown Manhattan, Ken Block is sure to excite anyone who lays eyes on his Gymkhana videos.

In this latest Gymkhana 8 video, Ken Block maneuvers his rally car around Dubai, the famed super car capital of the world. Block utilizes local exotic police cars, a 747 jet, and even features a drag race between a Ferrari F12, Lamborghini Aventador, Lexus LFA, Bugatti Veyron and his Ford Fiesta. ¬†Regardless if you’re a super car fan, rally car enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates talent, Ken Block has yet to disappoint anyone who lays eyes on his Gymkhana creations…Especially with the latest rendition of turning the city of Dubai into his own playground for the day.

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