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Johnny Manziel was spotted outside a night club in Hollywood where he promised to be back on the field. The only problem with that is that it seems like he hasn’t made any attempts at cutting the partying out of his life. It’s time for Johnny to be honest with himself and realize that he needs to cut the alcohol out if he wants any team to take him seriously. His friends around him need to put a bug in his ear and get it right. That however, is much easier said than done. With the constant lure of partying with beautiful woman and getting all of the attention, it is extremely difficult to tap in to the mind of Johnny. If the people who are constantly around him can not get it done, Manziel’s father needs to step in. Paul Manziel was quoted a few months ago saying, “I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday,”. Quite frankly sir, that is your son and whoever “they” are is not responsible because “they” did not raise your kid. Whatever the case is, Johnny Manziel may never play on another NFL team so long as he is spotted loitering around night clubs.

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