The Oklahoma City Thunder tied the series at one a piece Sunday night and took home court advantage away from the Spurs. This is the good news amid free agency on the horizon. If the Thunder want any chance of keeping Durant, it is quintessential that they make the finals. If not, we will definitely see Durant exploring other options this summer. This in turn will lead to Westbrook making an exit the following year if he does not demand a trade first. These may seem like gross over exaggerations but given the shortcomings of OKC, it may be time for their two superstars to cut ties.


Durant and Westbrook are the deadliest one-two punch in the league. However, the supporting cast and staff have failed to help OKC turn the corner. Serge Ibaka came in to the league and made an immediate impact for the Thunder. So much of an impact, that they decided to ink a deal totaling 50 million dollars setting precedent for James Harden’s departure. At the time General Manager Sam Presti was quoted as saying “At 23 years old (by the time next season starts), we really do expect his best basketball to be in front of him”. Since signing the extension in 2012, Ibaka has plateaued and has not made any improvements to his game. Ibaka is signed through the 2016-17 season which could quite possibly be his last season there.


Friday they will head back to OKC as the Thunder look to maintain their home court advantage. As previously stated, the Thunder need to maintain home court advantage and ride that momentum through the Western Conference Finals. If not, be on the look out for an OKC blow up.

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