The sport of Baseball has been around since the mid 1800’s and as you can imagine the game has changed immensely since the first game was played.  The materials of gloves, baseballs, fields, and bats have all changed with time. One thing that hasn’t changed is baseball’s “Unwritten Rules”.

Some popular unwritten rules of baseball are: Don’t Pimp the Bat If You Hit A Homerun (throw the bat in the air), Don’t Step On the Pitchers Mound When Running Across the Field, and Never Bunt to Break Up A No Hitter.  Some say these rules should never be broken and that’s one reason why baseball is so great because it has stuck to history for some time now. However, some say that baseball has become a boring sport with no flare because baseball has it’s unwritten rules. For example, recently Bryce Harper, the 23 year old power hitter from the Washington Nationals stated that baseball is a “tired sport” because you can’t really express yourself.  One rule that Harper had an opinion on is, “If a pitcher strikes you out, stares you down and pumps his fist while you walk to the dugout, then I’m sorry if I hit a walk off homer I should be able to pimp the bat”.

Credit: USA Today Evan Habeeb

(Credit: USA Today Evan Habeeb)

Harper wants to change the game because he feels that baseball is losing kids to other sports such as football and basketball because kids are attracted to the flair that Lebron and Steph Curry put off. It’s entertaining for people to watch. Harper asked, “Why would you want to play a sport that forces you to act like the guy standing next to you”?

Do you think that Bryce Harper should continue to respect baseball’s unwritten rules or do you feel that he’s right in line for where baseball needs to be in order to compete with the NBA and the NFL?

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