Alex Rodriguez, a 40-year old vet has decided to hang up the cleats at the end of the 2017 season. Rodriguez started his career in Seattle where he quickly became the hottest player in the MLB. In 2010 he embarrassed all other contracts when he signed a 10 year 252-million-dollar contract with the Rangers in hopes of turning their franchise around. Again, in 2007 he one-upped his previous contract by signing a 272-million-dollar deal with the Yankees. The contracts were not lost money as told by his career statistics thus far.


The numbers for his career are impressive to say the least:

Statistics to date (3/23/16)


687 Home Runs (4th All time)

3070 Hits (20th All time)

2055 RBI’s (3rd All time)


A Rod Ped


Though the numbers are impressive it is hard to separate his extravagant career from his association with PED’s which led to A-Rod being suspended for an entire season. The suspension was a major point of contention between the Yankees and Rodriguez as they were attempting to withhold a bonus due to the suspension. When it’s all said and done the numbers will remain but will it be marred by the PED suspension? 2015 was an incredible season for A-Rod as he seemed to turn back the hands of time posting numbers in many statistical categories that went unseen in recent years. Perhaps the Yankees can make a World Series run (not likely) powered by A-Rod allowing him to gain back the fan’s approval. Winning seems to make everything go away.

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