How many of us let social pressures dictate what we do? How many of us can say that we march to the beat of our own drum?  A few hands have raised in the room but for the others; the others are being honest with ourselves. When push comes to shove and adversity becomes unbearable the majority of us will crack and feed in to the pressures imposed on us by a society who has become obsessed with slut shaming. But wait, there still is a glimmer of hope in this society who chooses the herd mentality and gangs up on easy targets. This glimmer was actually a flash of light which first appeared in Oakland and then in Buffalo and the last flash in Seattle. That’s right, Marshawn Lynch.


Beast Mode does what Beast Mode wants and that is more than apparent. At 29 years old where most players are still considered in their prime Lynch decided to walk away from the game that has made him millions of dollars. In typical Beast Mode fashion, he did it the way he wanted to do it. Still healthy for the most part and with a healthy brain in his head. A few weeks after retirement he is seen in another country but staying true to his roots. Ghost riding camels is what he has been up to since announcing his retirement. I wish I could take credit for that but those are his very words. You can take the man out of Oakland but you can’t take the Oakland out of the man. But wait, let’s back peddle and analyze. Marshawn just does what 99% of us fail to do; stay true to himself.


Staying true to himself would give rise to a series of fines that he compiled throughout the best years of his career. Let’s take a look at the list that has been compiled below:


2011 – Lynch is fined $11,000 for diving in to end zone while grabbing his crotch.


2013 – Lynch was fined $50,000 for refusing to speak to the media. The NFL would come to void the fine and stated that he would be fined if he violated the policy again.


2014 – In true Marshawn fashion he refused to talk to the media and was fined $100,000 for violating the policy. After receiving the fine, Marshawn answered questions asked by the media with simple answers such as, “yeah” “thank you for asking” and “I’m just here so I wont get fined.”


2015 – NFL fines Lynch 20,000 for grabbing his crotch once again.




The NFL is a business and has to ensure that it keeps the best interest of the fans in mind when issuing fines and creating rules. From a business stand point, it is smart for the NFL to set certain rules in place to ensure the game is a family affair and players are easily accessible for the media. Let’s stop and reframe the problems that were at hand when Marshawn Lynch was fined. Let’s look at an explanation of the fines as a true fan of the game.

2011: A seismometer recorded the movement of the ground caused from the fans jumping and celebrating which would become known as the Beast Quake. Why were the fans going crazy? Oh no reason except for the fact that the Beast had just ripped off one of the most impressive runs of the decade against the defending Super Bowl Champions to give the Seahawks the lead an eventual victory allowing them to move on to a divisional game. He rumbled for 67 yards breaking the tackles of 9 Saints defenders and according to Darren Sharper he “[threw] Tracey Porter pretty much out of the stadium.” Which begs the question? What would you do? As Demetry James would put it “Hold my dick.”


2013/14 Fines: At the very core of this article, I wanted it to be about remaining true to yourself. After the NFL flexed their muscle and forced Marshawn Lynch to talk to the media he responded in the best way you could. Be a smart ass If I were being forced to sit through something that I would obviously think was a waste of time I too would be a smart ass. (Every time my girlfriend turns on Real Housewives of….). That was just me venting but I think you get the gist of it.


2015: Lynch is fined for grabbing his crotch again and earns a check via an endorsement from Meundies. After noticing the scrutiny that he was constantly facing by remaining true to his self, the company saw an opportunity to both help out with strategic marketing. Their statement can be found below. What does this tell us? Marshawn staying true to himself earned him endorsements and some donations to his charity. Not only does he get to remain being himself and not pay the price for it but he gets to be himself and help others at the same time.


“Marshawn is under scrutiny for a pain we’ve all felt, and we stepped in to help Beast Mode with great fitting, non-riding underwear. MeUndies empowers people to express themselves freely in the midst of any situation and eliminates the need to readjust down there.”

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. The story of a kid from Oakland who always stayed true to himself. Now what’s next? I would imagine Beast Mode to just chill in his hometown and sip on a 40 OZ from time to time. My imagination would not be far off being that he tweeted a picture of E40’s malt liquor in his hand less than two weeks ago. But what is that? That is just Marshawn Lynch being himself which does not discredit what he is about. Beastmode clothing, numerous endorsements, and his charity would speak to that. Stay true to yourself champ.



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