Sir Michael Rocks has always been in his own respective lane as an artist. Futuristic styles , aesthetically pleasing visuals and beat complexity have separated him from your prototypical “rapper”. During late 2015 Sir Mike released one of the most underrated projects of the year, titled PopulairThe album was highly artistically focused, containing multiple self-produced tracks and no other featured artists. The underlying technology and video game inspired theme is highlighted by the track “Perfect”.  Heavy-hitting drums combined with nostalgic samples and a unique delivery, help to create a speaker knocker that is one of my personal favorites. The visuals match the song perfectly (no pun intended), as Banco puts his own spin on the classic Street Fighter series. This next-level production shows great attention to detail, paying homage to the timeless main menu/character selections that we can all relate to.

Sir Mike has been exploring various artistic concepts, challenging the status quo. With genre exploration, short films and international influences, it will be interesting to see how SMR continues to collectively advance the hip-hop culture. Check out the attached SoundCloud page, along with his personal YouTube  and social media accounts for updates.

Twitter: @SirMichaelRocks

IG: @sirmikesir-michael-rocks-perfect-video



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