Banco is back in effect with his new album Populair Part 2. The long awaited album follows up the drastically underrated Populair project from 2015. The sequel EP displays Sir Mike’s artistry with him producing the songs “Raiden”, “Kilo on CL” and “Stop Searching”. The saga picks up where the first installment left off, with the “Nature and Technology” theme over complex beats and irregular cadences. SMR even gets personal on “The Woods”, providing listeners with some insight into his personal life, as well as his relationship with Chuck Inglish and the status of The Cool Kids.

Part 2 is a well rounded project that you can play with no skips. Banco’s flows are lyrical as always, with a particular sense of humor that the fans relate to. The amount of self-production on this album is notable, shedding light on the overall musical talent as well as the possible direction of future projects. You can listen to Part 2 on Apple Music, or stream it from Sir Mike’s personal SoundCloud below.



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