Niykee Heaton who is better known for her steamy Instagram nowadays and less so for her music has released a new album titled “The Bedroom Playlist Tour”. The album displays her full range of talent as both a vocalist and lyricist. Her song Bad Intentions is the highlight of the album in which this time she calls upon Migos to accompany her. From beginning to end Heaton takes us on a journey of pop songs similar to Rihanna, blue eyed soul like Norah Jones, and then adds her personal touch to bring it all together.
heaton migos

Heaton was discovered on YouTube by doing covers of the most popular songs including an acoustic rendition of Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa”. This caught the attention of All Def Music, an affiliate of Capitol Records, which led to a six song EP. The only problem is that Heaton hasn’t made any progress since the EP until now.

She was born in South Africa and transplanted to Chicago when she was a kid. Her sister battled with cancer and died when Niykee was 12. Through the troubled times she used music as a tool to help her communicate her feelings and un-bottle her emotions. By age 5 she was writing her own music and by 9 she had taught herself how to play the guitar.


Niykee has an obvious knack for writing music and has an extremely high ceiling if she can learn how to capitalize on it. She has stated that she is able to finish a song within 30 minutes after combing through instrumentals sent to her from various sources. Behind the momentum of her newly released album, now would be the time to capitalize and truly heat up.

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