Kid Cudi is back on the scene following the classic album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 HeavenCudder returns to share his sentiments about everyone’s favorite topic — women. “Girls” is a self produced track expressing love and adoration for females of all shapes and sizes, and a rare feature verse from the Bay Area legendary Player, Too $hort. Cudi samples the 1999 song, “Pretty Girl” by The Kids of Whidney High, continuing the refreshing trend of harmonizing rap/rock sounds that are slowly becoming his trademark. It will be interesting to see what Cudi has in store for the direction of future projects, considering the musical versatility at his disposal.

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Too Short A&G Rock N' Roll Couture Black Party Los Angeles, California - 08.10.09 Credit: (Mandatory):

Too Short
A&G Rock N’ Roll Couture Black Party
Credit: (Mandatory):

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