Dreamville records appears to have chosen their artist who is up next and he goes by the name of Bas. His sophomore album titled “Too High to Riot” dropped on March 4th and is an absolute gem. With the majority of the rappers opting for beats over lyrical content, Bas is primed for a nice run due to his ability to blend instrumentals with power packed lyrics. The album is home to a collective of songs that seem to be a hybrid of hip-hop, electronic, and soul. To pair with the instrumentals, he delivers lyrics laced with drug related metaphors describing the journey that he is on leading to a path of self discovery. The album hits on various issues across the board and highlights his own struggles that accompany the lifestyle he has chosen.


The title “Too High to Riot” seems to acknowledge the fact that he can sometimes be too consumed with the glitz and glamour of the fantasy that he lives in. Every night the tour can be in a different city where he is found on stage feeding off energy from the crowds. The first track on the album is named after the title of the album and lays the stage for what is to follow. In the song Methylone, Bas talks of his overnight success and struggling with not being able to decipher who is a true companion. This is the beginning of his detailed story on how everything is not as great as it seems and that we should maybe look to finding happiness within ourselves. The theme is repeated through the rest of the album and also gives motivation to those who are struggling with their everyday battles.


Dopamine is the song that follows Methylone and is a perfect example of the motivation that is woven in to the fabrics of the lyrics. “You’re only as low as you think” he says catching the fans attention by mentioning that we are our own biggest adversary. No matter what life has in store for you, the biggest hurdle is controlling our own minds. He then goes on to say “You’re never as low as you think” which even furthers the idea that you’re not in as bad of shape as you think that you are in. As humans we have the tendency to think that we are far worse off then we think. However, this could be a biological advantage giving us the chance to turn things around before it is too late.


As you take your ride through the album attempt to grasp the story that Bas is telling. As a warmup, you may want to listen to “Last Winter” which, if this were a book, would be chapter one.

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