Joseph Costello, a young YouTube star, and company (QuietAssassins) gives us a closer look at SXSW and the struggles of getting into the events at the Austin, Texas festivities the past few weeks in this new film “Sneaking In : The Movie“. These young hip hop fans show how they were able to get into a few of the shows at SXSW, and even manage to meet DJ Khaled in his hotel. There’s lots of social engineering throughout the video, and it was interesting to see how lax/oblivious the security can be at these events. At one point during the movie, one of the featured stars of the film crowd dives during DJ Khaled’s set and is actually featured in of the promotional videos that DJ Khaled has been posting on social media.

I’ve been subscribed to Joseph Costello’s YouTube channel for a long time, and continue to be a fan of his creative videos. Although some can find his videos to be distasteful, I’d find it hard to believe that there isn’t at least one video on his channel that viewers couldn’t find themselves to like. His videos range from hands on looks at homelessness on the streets to videos of him trolling around downtown Austin.

YouTube: QuietAssassins
Twitter: @JosephACostello
InstaGram: @SloppyJoeee

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