After waiting close to a year, Sudan Williams –better known as Iamsu— fans can rejoice. Suzy Six Speed has finally released his new Kilt 3 album, featuring the likes of Kool John, Problem, Sage The Gemini, HBK CJ, and AKA Frank. The album is nothing short of spectacular, but this is exactly what I expected with the run Iamsu has been on. Following up his previous album, Sincerely Yours, young Sudi Mane has blessed us with another album full of hits.

The road to Kilt 3 was a bumpy path and and nothing short of tough. Iamsu at one point posted on Twitter offering a $50,000 reward for anyone that returns the stolen copy of Kilt 3, inferring that it was his only copy of the project.


Iamsu would eventually confirm that he received the laptop back, but could have possibly costed him a pretty penny. This incident, mixed with the usual delays of creating an album, made for an extended release date — but nothing that true HBK Gang fans didn’t happily wait on. As I mentioned in my previous Game Time post, Iamsu seemed to be pushing singles before releasing the final project and understandably so with the quality of the songs on Kilt 3.


The small circle of Iamsu and HBK Gang is shown with the features seen on this album. Iamsu is internationally famous, but still continues to make music with the ones he came up with which is extremely respectable. Bapetoven AKA Iamsu AKA $uzy $ix $peed AKA Young Sudi Mane has vowed to remain true to HBK Gang and this remains true with his new album Kilt 3, put your threes up for Sudan Williams.



Kilt 3 is now streaming on Tidal and available on Google Play — we’re still patiently waiting for the iTunes links.

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