Cali Kevin is an unsigned artist coming out of San Diego, CA. Kevin, aka Chavíto,  usually features heavy drums with a modern flow on his tracks, although he is heavily influenced by 90’s culture. In his “DAB” video, shot by Thomas Tyrell, we see Chavíto and Poodeezy lamping heavily in the studio, then making a quick run to the corner store. The heavy trap beat has Cali Kev dropping lyrical gems with his wordplay that may require a second listen in order to fully understand and grasp the concepts. Fellow Daygo native Poodeezy blessed the second verse with a gritty, yet laid back flow that compliments the top notch track production.

Be on the lookout for upcoming projects from Cali Kevin later this year, as he recently announced the #KevnGOTgroupies EP.

Check out Cali Kev’s personal social media and SoundCloud below.

Twitter: @1DOPEKEV | @PoodeezyBZ

Instagram: @calikevin | @poodeezybz

Tumblr: AuxGod


Cali Kevin

Cali Kevin




BONUS: Here is one of my favorite tracks from Cali Kevin, the self proclaimed  “Aux Gawd”. “Skywalker OG” is a smooth track with a super melodic beat, that’s perfect for a session with some actual Skywalker OG. This beat would also be fitting as sick theme music for a level on video game like Crash Bandicoot or Jet Moto.

Cali Kevin’s Personal SounCloud

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