How to Kill a Fresh Pair

Not many things compare to slipping on a clean pair of sneakers. From timeless classics to modern releases , a hot shoe can set a vibe. The fastest way to kill that vibe, is matching up said hotness, with a pair of terrible jeans. In the sneaker world, this is referred to as “NT Denim”. The origins of NT Denim date back to the vaunted where sneaker heads boast some of the most sought after releases, while shamefully rocking a pair of carpenter jeans. In most cases, this atrocity of denim usually diverts attention away from the kicks and shifts focus onto the pants. Please don’t be caught in NT Denim.

There will be updates on some of the worst offenders of NT Denim , in hopes that you will think twice before matching up some fuego with hammer pants.

Viewer submissions are encouraged fight this epidemic.

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