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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 2- “Dogs to a Gunfight”

Welcome back folks, hopefully this means you found me tolerable enough to come back.  I’m Brian Childers and I’m in the process of reviewing the current season of Daredevil.  I’m hoping that as the season goes on my processes will become more refined and we’ll all have a friggin blast.  With that being said episode one ended with Daredevil being shot directly in the forehead.  This leads into episode two where most of the time is spent still establishing the mystique around The Punisher who is played by Shane (He will always be Shane to me).  The rest of the episode is based around Nelson/Murdock and “Ughhh Karen” (her new name) dynamic.

In the very beginning of the episode Foggy is running in a panic when he realizes that Daredevil is missing after what was possibly a fatal confrontation with Shane (He doesn’t get called Punisher till later…It’s my article, I make the rules).   Foggy helps Daredevil back to Matt Murdock’s apartment where he continues to plea with his friend to give up the vigilante life.  Murdock will have none of that.  Once Foggy leaves it’s clear Murdock is suffering from the headshot wound which includes going temporarily deaf for a bit.  Foggy eventually makes it to the Police Station where “Ughhh Karen” is waiting with Grotto, their most recent client who’s on the run from Shane as he works to earn The Punisher moniker.   There is a lot of back and forth where the District Attorney get’s called a douche after trying to pull what Foggy senses is some shady business.  The District Attorney and Grotto’s legal team work on getting him into protective custody.  In the process the DA uses the fact that Shane has run through more people than he ever did walkers, and he’s not going to stop until Grotto is dead.  The two sides agree to trap a goon by the name of Edwin Brass in exchange for Grotto to be in witness protection.  My absolute favorite take away from the scene is the work they are doing on Shane’s character with him not even being there.  They are cementing him as an absolutely killing machine and he doesn’t even have to be on screen, great writing.


Shortly thereafter Shane strolls into a local pawn shop and asks for a very particular item.  He wants a Police radio.  Apparently he is not forgetting to rob the people he’s been killing because he drops a wad of cash on the pawn shop counter and begins to exit with the merchandise after minimal dialogue.  At this point of the season this is the most Shane has interacted with any one person without a firearm.  Shane goes to exit, the mystique is just oozing from him.  He is really carrying the Punisher look well.  The scene was clearly going to set something up in the future and I was ready to get up and get a glass of water when the Pawn Shop clerk tries to sell him kiddy porn.  Shane has a look of mild inconvenience on his face.  He’s clearly due for mass murder in fifteen minutes and he’s just not sure how he’s going to fit this guy into his calendar, but he’s going to.  From this point on, he is The Punisher.  The look as he grabs the baseball bat off a side counter sold me.  They fade out as The Punisher begins a stroll back to the counter to play nine innings with the clerks face.

The rest of the episode is “Ughhh Karen” just irritating me anytime she’s not a part of the trio of Nelson/Murdock and “Ughhh Karen”.  There’s just something about when she’s with either of the other two solo that just makes her character not fit for me.  She does get a slight nod of approval as she tries to justify her killings by trying to explain to Murdock that maybe The Punisher isn’t such a bad guy.  The look on her face shows she’s clearly not talking about him.  I think she’s a solid actress; I’m just not sure I like the direction of the scenes where she isn’t in the trio, to each their own I suppose.

Before he begins looking for The Punisher Daredevil goes to get his suit patched up from the original blacksmith who made it.  There is an awkward relationship here where the suit crafter is constantly speaking of protection for he and his wife.  I honestly would not be surprised if somewhere down the road something happens to his wife, and he blames Daredevil for it and ends up a nemesis, but were’ not there just yet.    Right now Daredevil is on the hunt with his patchwork suit.


This takes us to the final scene.  Foggy and “Ughhh Karen” are prepping Grotto for his meeting with Edwin Brass.  The goon he is supposed to rat on to get witness protection.  “Ughhh Karen” was actually really good here as she took over keeping Grotto focused.  Grotto senses something is wrong immediately into the sting.  He is pulled down into the dark and all of sudden words like “Cross Fire, Bait, Target” come over the police frequencies where Fozzy and “Ughhh Karen” can hear and begin to panic.  They quickly realize they are in a trap for “The Punisher” who is never late for a mass murder because he shows up PROMPTLY with a diversion that fools everyone.  The Punisher once again has Grotto in his crosshairs, goes to shoot and Daredevil appears and the two engage in the always solid hand to hand combat we’ve come to love from the show.  Whoever choreographed the fight scene did great.  They sell The Punisher as a well trained fighter but don’t try to have him match the Parkour style of Daredevil.  It’s like The Punisher was doing The Waltz and Daredevil was doing the Salsa, but they stayed in beat beautifully.  In their exchange Murdocks deafness strikes again.  Which impairs his ability to “see” like he does and the way The Punisher looks at him, I think he knows he’s blind.  The episode closes off with another solid cliffhanger, which I’m not crazy about giving away.  Read about it next week.

All in all I liked this episode more than the first.  I won’t say that it was way better, but they are building The Punisher in ways I never would have expected.  I love they didn’t wait until half way through the season to bring him in, just pow right off the bat.  Charile Cox is born for Daredevil.  He is showing the first year was not a fluke.  Foggy can be hit or miss at times, but no where near as bad as “Ughhh Karen”.  In case anyone is wondering why that’s her new name, it’s because it’s what I say when she’s about to speak on screen.  I would put an eye roll in parenthesis to really set the picture but that could be too much.  Sadly I don’t blame her, she is a talented actress.  I’m just not sure they know what they want from her yet and to me it’s hurting her development.  The show is off to a good start, nothing outside of The Punisher has really blown me out the water, but nothing has disappointed.  Overall I’m enjoying it, but I’m waiting for that shoe to drop, or for “Ughhh Karen” to take a bullet for Grotto (who pissed me off by surviving because I had to look up how to spell his name).  Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed yourselves and tune again next time.  Thanks for reading.


Rating- 7.5

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