LastPass is one of the most useful applications I’ve ever come across. Password management can be one of the most frustrating pieces of technology, and the good folks over at have saved me many password resets. Never lose a password again!


The goal of LastPass is to create a secure, centralized repository of all your passwords across every platform. LastPass is available on all mobile platforms and also includes browser extensions/desktop applications for all of the major internet browsers to ensure you have access to every account you need — using one secure login through LastPass. Once subscribed to LastPass, you’re also able to share your password entries with other users which makes it easy to collaborate and share accounts on various webapps and services.


The greatest part about LastPass is the price: $0.00! Although LastPass offers free services, I highly recommend purchasing a subscription if you want the best possible LastPass experience which will cost you a measly $12 per year.

I have yet to lose a password or have a need to click the “Forgot Your Password” link with any account I own. Head on over to their website or find them on your mobile’s appstore, but don’t miss out on this great tool.

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