For the first “Mobile App of the Week”, we have a hands down winner — Microsoft Office. Yes that’s correct, Office is now fully functional on all of your mobiles devices — for FREE. With a price tag of $0.00, Microsoft is giving the deal of a lifetime with their mobile app suite which blows any other mobile office out of the water.

Outlook for mobile will surely replace any native mail application that Apple or Google can spin up — you can’t go wrong. It’s saved me tons of headaches and thumb work while being on the go out in the IT field, and I would highly recommend at least giving it a whirl. Word, Excel and Powerpoint should mostly be used on a tablet unless you need a quick edit, but Outlook can certainly be used any on mobile device.

Check out the video above of which shows how powerful Microsoft has made their free mobile Office suit. These apps can be found on your native application repos, which for most is Google Play and Apple’s AppStore.