The Solarin smart phone may reinvent the industry as we know it. The highly exclusive phone is has a sleek design with state of the art military-grade encryption technology, taking the highest measures for user security. Dubbed as the” Rolls Royce” of phones, the target demographic for consumers are high-profile executives and leaders within the business world, along with celebrities and ultra-wealthy citizens. The phone is designed by Sirin labs, a company founded in 2013 by Israeli venture capitalist Moshe Hogeg.




The company has made some astonishing statements pertaining to the specific features of the phone, claiming to have the “best screen, the best daylight smart phone camera, richest and loudest speakers, more 4G LTE bands than any other phone ever, and WiFi speeds up to ten times faster than today’s networks.” Designers also boast the ability to be able to download a full-length HD movie directly onto the phone itself in under 5 minutes. Solarin contains a 23.8-megapixel camera, with  autofocus and four-tone flash, plus  front-facing flash and 5.5″ IPS LED 2k resolution screen, as well as a 120% sRGB colour gamut. The sound system sound uses  bass-boosted speakers, linked through a smart amplifier to maximize volume but control distortion, reaching up to 90 decibels. The sleek titanium and leather design was created by industrial designer, Karim Rashid, who’s previously worked with Giorgio Armani. The company has made claims that Solarin is not “unhackable”, however any attempts to compromise security will be detected. Sirin Labs has also promised for price breaks for future phone models, however the primary focus is providing the highest quality phone with the best features known to man, with models ranging from $13,000-$17,000.

Solarin is available now online at, and at their London store on June 30th.


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160531233225-solarin---security-switch-exlarge-169 (1)

Button on the back of the phone to engage “Shielded Mode”, allowing for encrypted calls and messages.


“Basic” model, featuring black carbon leather and space-grade titanium with black diamonds. Starting at $13,800


The highest quality model, including 18k yellow gold with black carbon leather and black diamonds. Retail price of $17,400.


White carbon leather model, inlaid with black diamonds. Retail of $15,900.




Will this revolutionary phone be successful? Surely there are big wigs who will fork over the funds to have this highly secure device in their possesion. The ability and peace of mind to have your personal information, messages and contacts secure holds no price tag to some. With the world we live in today, hackers are able to gain access to almost anything with ease. Mobile devices are regularly considered easy targets for the sophisticated hacker with motives. High profile business leaders, politicians and officials would seemingly be interested in a phone like Solarin in order to protect sensitive and pertinent information that may jeopardize brands and corporation on a large scale.  Will the high quality technology used for Solarin be integrated into the more common cell phones going forward?

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