How is it that Microsoft has created the coolest thing since the iPhone and nobody is talking about it? Microsoft has created the Hololens which will change the world as we see it; literally. With Hololens, people are able to interact with holographs in the real world thus giving rise to augmented reality. These videos can speak for themselves and well; sometimes it’s just better to let the people behind the product explain.

Below we can look at how the lenses are transforming storytelling for good.


Obviously the Hololens does much more than just storytelling. How about a video conference with a distant relative? The stage has been set for a complete transformation in the way we communicate. A person can be anywhere around the world and still be able to have a presence in multiple countries.



When thinking of the future we could only think of what the world would be like. We would only be able to imagine what we can now see today. We’ll leave you with this TED talk where Alex Kipman takes us on a full journey through Hololens.


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