Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, the latest and maybe not so greatest Call of Duty to released in the last few years (yet to be determined). Historically, Call of Duty has portrayed a somewhat realistic approach with their games such as World at War, Black Ops 1, and the Modern Warfare series. Now it seems a bit far fetched for my taste. As of late, Rainbow Six and The Division are receiving good reviews on the consumer end. Why? I think it’s because people love the classic Call of Duty games. And Rainbow Six is the latest game to give someone that sense of greatness based on what Call of Duty did for the gaming world. As of late, Call of Duty has been similar to that of their competition “Halo”, with jump packs, unrealistic or non existent guns, and the early COD players have been opposed to that direction of gaming for some years now. It seems as if the latest trailer for Infinite Warfare is heading even further in the futuristic direction and whether it’s good or bad for the consumer, it will be discovered come November.


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