The third-person shooting game, Gears of War, is back with the latest installment Gears of War 4. The epic series returns taking place on the planet Sera 25 years after the Locust, Lambent and Imulsion have been destroyed. The effects from the wars have altered living conditions yet again as available fossil fuels are drastically limited, and new measures for must be taken for the survival of the human race. The main character of the story line is J.D. Fenix, who is the son of Marcus Fenix and Anya Stroud from the original games. He teams up alongside friends Delmont “Del” Walker and Kait Diaz in order to preserve human life on the planet Sera once again.

jd fenix

J.D. Fenix

Kait Diaz & J.D. Fenix

Kait Diaz & J.D. Fenix

The gameplay for GoW4 is similar to it’s predecessors, with tactical warfare being the ultimate strategy for success. New abilities such as the “vault kick” and “yank” are now available during combat to help you gain an edge on your enemies. New weapons such as the “Dropshot” and “Buzzkill” are also introduced to provide variety for your assassinations. There are also new weather variations, where players may experience heavy breezes or violent windstorms that may affect combat strategies and weapon use.  Multiplayer and co-op modes will be available for you to team up with friends. Producer Rod Fergusson has vowed to bring the series back to it’s spine-chilling roots of the original GoW, promising a darker tone.


gears of war 4

Gears of War 4 will be available only for the Xbox One console, as part of the original Xbox exclusive titles. The official release date is set for October 11, 2016. The multiplayer beta is available for early play from April 25- May 1. Visit the Gears of War official website for more details.


Check out the versus/multiplayer gameplay trailer below.

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