Call of Duty has been one of the most successful gaming series to ever hit the market. From Modern Warfare to Black Ops, gamers all over the world have picked up a copy of this game to see the latest and greatest that Treyarch, Infinity Ward and more recently Sledgehammer games have produced.


Some of the best: Call of Duty World at War gave gamers a World War 2 setting. The guns were accurate to the timeline featuring the MP40 and the reliable Masin Nagant long rifle as a few of the popular. The game itself was simple, you walk/run around smaller to medium sized maps killing the other team. There were no special moves, no jump packs to evade enemy fighters, it was as basic as it gets… And it worked! Many consider World at War one of, if not the greatest Call of Duty game ever made. Close seconds¬†could be Modern Warfare 2 or the ever famed Call of Duty Black Ops which was released November 2010.

Black Ops game play might have been the most smooth out of all the games. Guns were consistent but not overpowering. Gamers had a great choice of maps, good kill streaks, and a ton of camo’s to throw on each weapon. Black Ops also introduced gamers to an extremely small but effective map known as “Nuketown”. One could run around Nuketown in roughly 30 seconds or less which translated into a lot of kills and a lot of deaths for users. But people loved it. Because it was simple…

Now a days, Call of Duty features heavily futuristic guns, maps, and jump packs that are completely unrealistic. Graphics are killer but that comes over time with any game. Many Call of Duty lovers are begging for a classic style game to be released. Rumors have World at War 2 on the list. Assuming World at War 2 would be released with historical gaming features, many COD lovers would be lined up out the door in order to get their hands on a copy of the game. If not… Well I’d expect the Call of Duty crowd to take their money elsewhere, perhaps Rainbow 6 or Tom Clancey’s The Division. Both games feature great graphics, classic game play, and stressful thinking while in matches. Many great reviews have come from both, so it’s safe to say Tom Clancey’s game series are coming full steam ahead to take over the top spot in the person shooter world.



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